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Desktop Software Application

CLICK HERE to download NavDive Log (Version 1.4, updated 2/24/14)

The NavDive system includes a PC software application (NavDive Log) that allows the user to load the NavDive diver console with useful information before the dive and download valuable dive information from the console unit after the dive.

Pre Dive

Before the dive, there are several items to configure on the SD Card that will be inserted into the NavDive console

  • Format the SD Card for NavDive -- this function clears the SD Card of all files and places the proper folders and files on the card in preparation for using it in the NavDIve console.
  • Create new Location Files -- this allows you to create new location files that can be loaded onto the SD Card for use.
  • Load Location Files on the SD Card -- this function allows you to preload specific location files onto the SD Card from the library of files on your PC.  These are files you created previously with NavDive or files that you downloaded from the NavDive web site that contain all waypoints for a specific location (i.e. lake, bay. etc.).  These are the waypoints that you will navigate to when using NavDive.
  • Edit Saved Position Description List -- allows you to adjust the list of descriptions that will appear when you save a location using NavDive.  NavDive comes preloaded with a standard set of descriptions, but you can add your own if desired.


Post Dive

After the dive, remove the SD Card from the NavDive console and insert it into your PC to:

  • View / Edit Positions by Location -- Review all waypoints saved for a particular location.  You can view this information in table form or graphically using Google Earth.  Additionally, you can also annotate the record by editing the description for the location saved (for example, "Wooden Wreck").


  • View Saved Positions by Dive -- review the saved positions you created for each dive made.  You can view the information in a table form or it can be viewed graphically using Google Earth.  Any of the items displayed can also be copied and pasted into any Location file for future use.


  • View Position Tracking by Dive -- review your saved dive tracking file for any dive.  This information can be displayed in a table format or can be viewed in Google Earth to allow you to see the exact path you swam during your dive.