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The NavDive System

NavDive consists of two main components -- a surface deployed GPS receiver / transmitter that receives a GPS fix and transmits it to the diver.  The second component is a receiver / display unit that is used by the diver to determine position and to determine a course to desired destinations.


  • GPS receiver / position transmitter

    The topside unit consists of a self-contained, waterproof GPS receiver and data transmitter.  The GPS receiver obtains the lat/long postion information from satellites overhead.  This information is then converted to a usable format and sent on to the diver's display/console every second.

    This unit mounts to the diver's flag float.


  • Diver display / console

    The display/console unit is carried by the diver.  It is a waterproof, self-contained unit that receives the GPS information from the topside GPS receiver/transmitter.  This unit contains an integral LCD display and joystick control that is operated by the diver to show current position, navigation information, or other unit status.

    With this unit, the diver can control the functionality of NavDive, including saving the lat/long of the entry point, navigating to any pre-loaded target site while underwater, saving the lat/long of any notable site while underwater, or automatically storing (tracing) the entire dive's lat/long coordinates.


  • Pre Dive / Post Dive Software

    The NavDive software application allows the user to preload the unit's memory card with dive site information -- specifically target lat/long information for particular target sites that will be used by the diver during the dive

    After the dive, the user can obtain information from the unit's memory card regarding the lat/long coordinates of site locations that were saved by the diver or the complete lat/long listing of the unit's tracing function, which records the entire dive.