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Using NavDive

The  NavDive system is incredibly easy to use for any diver -- recreational, technical,or commercial.

CLICK HERE to download User's Guide (updated 1/29/14)

CLICK HERE to download Quick reference card

PreDive Setup

Connect the surface GPS receiver and underwater transmitter to your dive flag float, making sure the transmitter has a clear view of the sky.  Unspool the cable and get ready to start your dive.

Power up the diver console unit.  Select the destination file for your location (the lakes or sites you've previously loaded on the memory card) and select START DIVE on the console.


Water Entry

The console unit will ask you if you want to record the GPS coordinates of your entry into the dive site -- this can be used later to navigate back to the exact point that you entered the water to start the dive.

Then go!  The console unit will display your current lat, Long, and heading as your dive progresses.


During the dive

There are several actions you can accomplish during your dive.  Each will be covered in detail in the next section.

View current Lat/Long position while underwater in real time

The NavDive system displays the current latitude/longitude reading and the current heading on the LCD.  This information is updated every 1-2 seconds as the dive progresses.

Save current position

Probably one of the most useful features of NavDive is the ability to save your current lat / long position at any point during the dive.  This is used when an interesting location is discovered (i.e. a shipwreck, geographic feature, etc.).  To save a position, simply press the DOWN on the joystick to display the SAVE POSITION menu item.  Pressing SELECT on the joystick will save the current Lat /Long to memory and allow you to enter a description of the location that will be saved with the location data.

Navigate to a Waypoint

Another useful feature is the ability to save the current lat/long position on demand.    The diver simply selects one of the preconfigured waypoints and presses ENTER.  The NavDive system will then display the target heading and the distance to the target (in feet) on the LCD.  Simply line up the current heading with the target heading and swim to the target with ease.

Turn on Dive Trace

Often, its useful to be able to record where you went on a dive.  NavDive includes a capability to turn on a "tracing" mode, which saves the current lat/long information into memory every 10 seconds.  Each position is time stamped so the dive can be recreated later.  When the dive is completed, this data can be read from the NavDive memory card into a PC and used to create logging reports or overlayed onto Google Maps to show the dive in a graphical format.

Save Entry Position

When shore diving, it is frequently helpful to be able to end the dive at the point at which you entered the water.  NavDive allows you to save the lat/long where you entered the water.  Then the diver can recall this entry position and slect it as a destination in order to navigate back to the starting position at the end of the dive.