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What are the power requirements for NavDive?
NavDive is powered by 4 standard AAA alkaline batteries located in the diver console.  Based on our experience, a set of batteries can last up to 15 dives.

Is the GPS receiver cable replaceable?
Yes -- the cable has a waterproof plug on the diver console unit for easy removal  / replacement.

Why do you offer different GPS receiver cable lengths?
We have customers that work in shallower depths, so we offer a 50 foot cable to reduce the overall weight and amount of cable that needs to be managed on the spool by the diver.  It is also less expensive.  For diver's that operate deeper, we have longer cable options to meet that need.

What is the maximum operating depth for NavDive?
The system is warranted for operation to 100 FFW.

Is the data saved on the SD memory card usable by my other software applications?
Usually.  The data files consumed and produced by NavDive are in ASCII CSV format and can be used in almost any software application that can import a CSV file (including Microsoft Excel).  If you have a unique data format requirement, please contact us.

What's the best way to mount the GPS receiver to my flag float?
Because there are many different flag floats used by divers, it will be up to you to determine the best mounting solution.  The GPS receiver does contain a magnetic base that simplifies mounting in some installations.  There are basically three things to keep in mind when mounting your receiver -- 1) Make sure that the receiver is out of the water, 2) Make sure that the receiver has a clear view of the sky, and 3) Make sure that some sort of cable strain relief be provided so the diver won't pull the receiver off the float when moving underwater.