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Underwater GPS-based navigation for divers

Who says you can't use GPS underwater?  NavDive is a GPS-based system that gives a diver the same type of tools available for surface-based marine navigation. 

How it works

NavDive is a patent-pending system that consists of two main components -- a surface based GPS receiver/transmitter that acquires a GPS fix and transmits it to the diver.  The other component is a portable diver-based receiver/display unit that receives the GPS information from the surface and allows the diver to operate underwater.

The system also includes a desktop application to review the GPS data saved.  You can also view all position and tracking data on Google Earth.


What can you do with NavDive?

  • See your realtime GPS position while underwater
  • Navigate to a specific location underwater with GPS accuracy
  • Instantly save current lat/long position of an interesting underwater location
  • Record the shore entry lat/long position and navigate back at the end of the dive
  • Automatically periodically record lat/long positions during the entire dive, providing a complete trace of the dive
  • Create a map of underwater "waypoints"
  • Print GPS locations visited, new GPS positions recorded, a map of your entire dive, or export important data to your dive logbook